Increased Bioavailability

Everyone feels good when they know they are taking care of themselves and eating a healthy diet, however; no matter how good the food you eat or products you take, if your body cannot absorb and utilize the nutrients it is of little benefit to you.

Sprouted Flax Powder can be described as a “pre-digested food” making it more bioavailable.

Sprouting releases enzymes which are specifically designed to start the seed on its way to becoming a plant. As the flaxseed begins to grow, the natural enzyme inhibitors that are in the seed to block digestion are reduced.

The reduction in enzyme inhibitors opens the way to better nutrient absorption. Plant proteins, essential fatty acids, starches and increased vitamins and minerals are now available for better digestion.

Now you really can feel good about what you are eating, knowing there actually is a benefit to your body.



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